Filing Your
Dental Claims

Do you need help with claims?

Who Is MBA?
Merchants Benefit Administration (MBA) is a third-party administrator that pays your dental claims.

MBA Claims Portal
If you would like to view any claims that your provider has submitted, you can log into the dental claims portal via main.mbaadmin.com/member/member_login. The username is your Member ID number and the password in your date of birth in long form (mm/dd/yyyy). Do not include slashes. The claims portal will also allow you to see if you have met your deductible and how much is remaining of your annual maximum

Contact MBA
If you need assistance with a getting a dental claim submitted or paid, you can reach MBA directly by phone at 480-776-5041 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. PST/MST.

Contact Member Care

(800) 979-8266